All of Mr. Translate's commands


Paramaters surrounded by <> such as <content> are required. Parameters surrounded by [] are optional. Do not include the <> or [] when running commands.

Translating - How to Translate​

/<language> <content> - Translate <content> to <language> . Language can be a language name or code (See Languages for a list of supported languages). Auto-detects the language of <content.
/from <fromLanguage> <toLanguage> <content> - Translate <content> to <toLanguage> from <fromLanguage> without auto-detecting the language of <content.
/detect <content> - Detect the language of <content>.
/languages - DMs a link to the supported languages page.

View Server Quota

/quota - View the remaining, total, and used quota for all providers (default) or [provider].


Only members with the Manage Server permission can use these commands
/prefix [newPrefix] - View or set the prefix. Default is /. Mentioning the bot is always a valid prefix. Ex: @Mr. Translate#2763 help.
/provider [provider] - View or set the preferred provider. This sets the default provider to be used when translating. If a language is not supported with the preferred provider, an alternitve one will be used instead.
/flags [on|off] - Enable or disable flag translations (See How to Translate) for the entire server.
/profanity [off|spoiler|on] - View or set the basic profanity filter (Azure Provider only!). Setting to spoiler wraps profane words around spoiler tags, on replaces them with *. Mr. Translate cannot provide a guarantee on this feature.
/blacklist [users|channels|roles] - View the blacklist or add/remove any number of users, channels and roles to/from the blacklist. The blacklist prevents members from interacting with the bot (including flag translations). You may use mentions or IDs as the parameters.

Misc. Commands

/help - View basic help & links.
/info or /stats - View global bot stats.
/donate - DMs a link to Mr. Translate's PayPal
/invite - DMs links to invite Mr. Translate and to the Support Server.
/check_perms - Check if a member is blacklisted.
/ping - 🏓 Pong!
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