Auto Translate
A premium-only feature to supercharge your server's communication.
Auto Translate is a premium-only feature. Sign up at

How it works

You can setup Auto Translate entries on any server with premium to translate messages to any supported langauge and even send different translations to different channels.

Set up

Ensure Mr. Translate has the following permissions in each channel you want Auto Translate to function. This includes channels for the source and destination translations.
  1. 1.
    Read Message History
  2. 2.
    Send Messages
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    Embed Links

First Auto Translate Entry

Use the slash command /auto-translate add to create an Auto Translate entry. Parameteres include: to - the language to translate to from - the language to translate from. Setting this to anything but "Any" will only translate messages detected to be this language source - the source channel. Leave blank to translate messages from the current channel destination - the destination channel. Use this to send translations to a different channel. Leave blank to send translations to this channel translate_bots - enable to translate messages from bots. By default Mr. Translate will not translate messages sent by other bots. Mr. Translate will never automatically translate a message it sends.
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